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Tours and tour guides

Tours and tour guides

Sneak a peek in underground passages
Do you want to discover all the hideouts of the fort? Then go on a tour with one of the fort's very own guides. They will take you to subterranean passages and will reveal the secrets of this military monument. You step back in time and envision the living conditions of its past users and occupants. You may even find traces of its current occupants: a bat species currently living in the fort.

Book a tour
The price per tour per person is € 3,- per group a minimum cost of € 30,- applies.

Join an organised tour
Every last Sunday of the month there is an organised tour you can join individually from 2pm. The first tour will take place on the 25th of May. Join in at € 3,- per person. Registration beforehand is required.

For further information, bookings and registrations
NPO Kempens Landschap
Tel: +32 (0)15 22 82 33

Free entrance to exhibition and nature reserve.