Provincie Antwerpen

Exhibition and app

The Railway Fort and a part of the surrounding nature reserve are now open to the public. This is a stunning and historic place where you can find out about the history of the Fort above ground and below.

Permanent exhibition

Learn everything about the way the fort is constructed and its purpose in the larger fortification belt. Immerse yourself in finding out about the history of its construction, the purposes it serves, and the function it had during war. This interesting exhibition also shines a light on how the fort serves its current role in offering a natural habitat to distinct flora and fauna.


You can take a walk of approximately 1,2 kilometres taking you along five lookout points with informative signs.

Multimedia guided walk around the fort with the Railway Fort's app.
Download now the app Walls & Gardens from your App Store and select the tour: Fort Duffel

Duffel's fort now also has its own app. You can download it here or you can come prepared and download it at home on your smart phone or tablet. By playing the images and audio you will be taken on a tour through the fort. This way you will learn for yourself what exactly it is that makes the Railway Fort so distinctly unique.

Cycle trail

When you are cycling through the nature reserve of the Kempen the Railway Fort is a main feature. It is connected with the fort of Mortsel by a brand new bicycle highway. This is the new, southern access point to Antwerp's complete inner and outer fortification belt. In addition the fort is located at only 2 kilometres distance from the domain of Roosendael, an old catholic abbey with 17 hectares of nature reserve and recreational grounds ( and is also linked to the green cycling path along the Nete river.

Tour with a guide

Do you want to discover all the hideouts of the fort? Then go on a tour with one of the fort's very own guides. They will take you to subterranean passages and will reveal the secrets of this military monument.

Book a tour?

The price per tour per person is € 3,-, per group a minimum cost of € 30,- applies.
Every last Sunday of the month there is an organised tour you can join individually from 2pm. Join in at € 3,- per person. Registration beforehand is required.

For further information, bookings and registrations:

NPO Kempens Landschap
Tel: +32 (0)15 22 82 33