Provincie Antwerpen

After the Great War

After World War I the Railway Fort remained in a destructed state. It was not refortified. The concept of country defence was completely altered by the inventions of new weapons and new developments in aviation.

After World War I the fortification belt’s military purpose was as good as over. In 1925 the services of military buildings gave approval for a military caretaker to move into the Railway Fort with his family. During the Second World War troupes were no longer stationed there. The Railway Fort was briefly used as the 6th infantry division headquarters. Afterwards the fort was plundered by German invaders: iron faucets, arches, gates, pipes and pumps were taken. Even the cobblestones of the inner court were removed and taken.

In the 1970s the fort fell under private ownership and the bridge which gave access to the fort was removed. In 2009 the fort was bought by Kempen’s Nature Reserve. Since April 2014 the Railway Fort has become a new monument in nature reserve the Kempen now open for the public to enjoy.